Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Ford Model?

Our team wants to make sure you are getting a vehicle that meets all of your needs: financial included. Our finance team will take all of the time necessary to help you choose which option is best for your needs. Choosing a Ford model from Valley Isle Motors is more than just choosing a vehicle, it is choosing a whole team to support you and your automotive needs. Ford models are some of the most reliable that you can find, and we want to find the one that is perfect for you.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying

The obvious benefit is that you will own the vehicle after your payments. There will be no extra fees for mileage or alterations, and you get to drive the vehicle for as many years as you want. Many people choose this option because they are looking for a vehicle that they can drive for as long as possible without needing to replace it, but the payments you'll make for buying will be more than it would be for leasing.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Leasing

Leasing is more affordable than buying, having you pay for the difference of value between the beginning and end of your lease period. Lease contracts are very specific, having fees attached for going over these specified limits; luckily for you though, our team will answer all of your questions so that you can be comfortable and confident with the contract that you are signing.

Our Kahului Ford Dealership Can Find You What You Are Looking For

Our team want to make sure you have the easiest time finding the car, truck, or SUV that have all of the features and capabilities that meet the needs of your life. We encourage you to visit our dealership to test drive any of our new or used Ford models, then have all of your questions answered to figure out if leasing or buying is right for you.

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