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AAA Says Synthetic Oil is Worth the Cost

While prices may vary by service center and region, on average synthetic motor oil costs almost twice as much as conventional oil. That comes to the tune of about $64 extra every year, if you follow manufacturer-recommended oil change schedules.

It's a pretty penny, but AAA says it will probably save you on repairs over the life of your car.

In a recent study, synthetic oil performed 47 percent better than conventional oil in tests...

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Categories: Flips Out for Feisty 2017 Ford Focus RS

Though we here at Valley Isle Motors Ltd have love for each and every ride on the roster, lately we've found that we're especially enamored by one in particular: the 2017 Ford Focus RS.

And what is it -- specifically -- that makes this hot hatchback so special?

The clip below should help spell things out. Tag along with Road Test Editor Dan Ilika to receive a closer look:

Equally as comfortable on the open road as it is on the racetrack, the Focus RS's 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine is a truly mind-boggling bit of machinery…

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Identify the Warning Signs of a Failing Car Battery

When you are able to identify when your car battery is failing, you limit the need for a tow, a jump, or a service call while your car is stuck on the side of the road. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for concerning a failing car battery.
1. Pay close attention when you see the battery casing swelling or bloated.
2. A weak battery can emit a very strong and foul odor from the battery compartment.
3. Your headlights will appear to be very dim right after starting the car.
4. The car horn barely…
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Real Fuel Economy Tips

Most consumers are money-conscious, and that means they keep track of what they are spending on any given day, or week. Most people aren't made of money, and can't frivolously spend money as if it were candy. Money that goes toward fuel must be constantly monitored as well. But, if you were able to increase the fuel economy of your vehicle, you might be able to save a pretty nice chunk of change by the end of the month.

What you can do is very easy. If you like to take long trips or your work drive is…
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Pack a Useful Emergency Roadside Kit

There are lots of useful things you can put into our roadside emergency kit. You should pack plenty of bottled water and nonperishable food items and warm blankets. You should also have jumper cables, a tow rope, and a First-Aid kit. You should pack items that would be useful for the area that you live in and for the areas that you travel to. Your roadside emergency kit should have the tools you need to make your situation better, so keep that in mind as you pack it. Bring items like sand or cat litter and an ice scraper if…
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2017 Ford Escape

Buying a new vehicle is one of the most complicated things that anyone can do. There are so many choices involved in that process, and a lot of people get confused on the best car to buy. The 2017 Ford Escape is a great vehicle for a number of reasons. Not only is it built to last, but it looks great as well. You want a car that is going to be something you can be proud of for many years to come. In addition, we can offer you a great value and deal on the 2017 Ford Escape. If…
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Easiest Tips For Safe Driving

Driving takes a great deal of skill. Even if you've been driving for some time, it is possible to get into an accident. It's for that reason that you should remember a few of the easiest tips to stay safe while driving.

Keep Your Yes On The Road

There are a lot of distractions that you can involve yourself with. These can be tech, GPS monitors, lights, and even noises and other elements that are outside of your vehicle. Looking at them, even for a second, could cause an accident. Keep your eyes on the road, and remember…

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2017 Ford Explorer is Ready for a Drive

The 2017 Ford Explorer boasts spacious interiors and plenty of strength, making it an ideal car to use for those who enjoy hauling and driving on different types of terrain. The vehicle comes with a four-wheel drive system and terrain management, making it easier to have more control of the car on steep inclines. The terrain management addition allows each wheel to shift to ensure that the amount of traction is boosted...

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The All New Ford Focus Gives You the Ideal Driving Experience

When looking to get a new car, one of the finest options available is the new 2017 Ford Focus. If you are looking into purchasing a highly affordable sedan, then the Focus is one option you can trust to meet your needs. With the Ford Focus, another benefit is that you will get excellent fuel economy. As a result of the 2017 Focus’s efficiencies, you will be able to drive long distances and save money.

Another great aspect of the 2017 Ford Focus is its safety features. The 2017 Focus is one of the safest cars to drive due…

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